Custom Synthesis

HM-Chemo focused on providing manufacturing and process development solution service in Asia for global clients. We provides cost effective preclinical pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions for small and medium cap US,EU and Canadian biopharmaceutical companies.

This venture creates an unprecedented network of over 2,500 registered chemical and specialty pharmaceutical provides in China supported and managed by chemistry and manufacturing experts and project management staff in HongKong and Shanghai.

We offer clients easy access to high quality Chinese manufacturing resources.

HM-Chemo is an extremely unique service.

First, HM-Chemo provides a single point contact that accesses 2,500 pharmaceutical chemistry and manufacturing resources throughout Asia.

Second, since HM-Chemo has such an immense network of vendors, it can access many different types of services and scales of service. These include: cGMP manufacture of custom intermediates and API, process development and scale-up, specialty raw materials manufacture and sourcing, peptide synthesis and bioprocess manufacture.

Third, HM-Chemo also provides full time bilingual project managers for the client’s specific drug development project in Asia.

Fourth, HM-Chemo has dedicated and industry experienced chemistry and manufacturing experts stationed in China as well as on-site project management and CMC expertise to assure quality metrics are achieved and timelines are met.

Finally, because HM-Chemo has ‘flattened’ the world’s manufacturing providers into a single, centralized auction, it provides truly unbeatable global pricing to its clients. This is particularly important for pharmaceutical clients who struggle with huge development costs and extremely high rates of drug candidate attrition.

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